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Hi Everyone I am BRUNO!!

Remember Me? I am the same 1 year old, Indian doggie from Nehru Place who have recently fought my biggest battle with destiny and still alive to tell you my story. Do you know my story?

Ok before that I need some help. Actually I need 2 help.

Please Help me stay for 31 more days  (Jan 14 - Feb 13) with Paws Pet Boarding run by Sam & Jitten (Rs 450 everyday) as its soooo cold outside. I don’t want to be outside now ☹ I need 31 kind people who can give me 450 rupees each.  Me & Momma needs a total of Rs. 13, 950 rupees…Will you please help? Details for transfer mentioned below

Second help is….Please please adopt me 😊. I am such a Good Boy that you will never let me go once you know me. See my video with Ponchi, my new best friend at Sam’s place. I will become friends with any of your doggie that you have at your place. I am such a GOOD BOY 😊 I hardly even Bark. I am that Good a BOY…

 You see, my momma, this crazy woman who loves me soooooo much. She is trying her level best to give me the life she has dreamt for me even if it means going way out of her way and limits. My momma has already paid for my boarding with Sam & Jitten from Dec 13 till Jan 13 from her own pocket. But now she needs a little help as she is also taking care and feeding 50-60 of my other friends in Nehru place and other places. Will you help please?

Sam & Jitten are wonderful people. I loveeee their home. I get to play with my new best friend Ponchi too 😊. Ponchi is Sam’s dog incase you didn’t know and we are already best friends. It is very very cold outside and my momma says I need to stay one more month so that she can find me a good Forever home for me.

Ok Now Let me tell you my story.

I was suffering from Maggots. Bloody Maggots were eating away my entire (peeing ) testicular area. I desperately hoped some one would see me. When Momma saw, she almost fainted. I was in that bad shape. Then Momma got me picked up and sent me to Jeevashram, Rajokri on 29th August, 2017. There Dr. Sunil operated my area  (see pics) and for a while I was good. Playing and eating. Then one day to my HORROR, I am not able to pee anymore. I tried and tried. NO. Even though my bladder was full of pee and wanting to come out, I was not able to pee. Then Dr. Sunil inserted a pipe and took out my pee. I was relived. But then again next day the same procedure followed. Then next day again. Then next. Then Next.  Oh God…Why are they poking me every time I wanted to pee? I can’t take this pain anymore. Oh Momma please do something.  

Momma saw how painful that was for me. So, she prayed for a way out. Then someone told her that Dr. Gautam Anand had some MAGIC that he can cure my problem. So Momma immediately fixed my appointment and surgery with the wonderful Dr. Gautam Anand. So many kind people helped Momma for the surgery too. I & Momma are thankful to everyone who donated for my surgery.

And Yes..Now I can Pee..YAY!!! God has answered my prayers. Momma’s prayers too. You can see the entire procedure and details in the links below.

So..Dr. Gautam Anand says I am all fit and fine to go to my forever home. He has even written a FITNESS CERTIFICATE for me (attached). See, Now I can even join a Gym…Just saying…Plus, Momma is always there and says that in future if any problem comes up, which is like a 1 in million chance), my Momma will step in and  take me back. I will always be her Kid.

So won’t you let me in your home? I will Love you Forever and you will never let me go, I know that. Just come once, talk to me, play with me and you will know what I am talking about.




To contribute via

Paytm- 9818476205

To contribute via bank account :

Anjali Kakati

 Bank: United Bank of India

 Branch: C R Park

 A/C No:0470011065864


 MICR Code: 110027004


Plz Share the screenshot of the transfer

My Story: Timelines in Chronological Order (Descending order)

















Bruno when caught for treatment and sent to Jeevashram on August 29, 2017