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The painful and infamous video of the starving polar bear. 

Video by Paul Nicklen Photography / / A few months ago, the SeaLegacy expedition team documented this heartwrenching scene of starving polar bear roaming through an abandoned Inuit camp along the shores of Baffin Island. Though it wasn’t possible for scientists to tell us exactly what had caused this bear to starve to death, we do know that he didn’t have any visible wounds and that he was not an old bear.

Many of you have asked whether we could have saved this individual bear, but the hard truth is that he was on his last legs and his muscles had atrophied beyond repair. It would also have been illegal to feed him, to approach him, or to do anything to ease his pain.

However, there is hope for the remaining polar bears if we want it. Go here >> << to learn more about the solutions available to achieve drawdown—the point where global warming reverses: #turningthetide

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