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Update: The actor John Abraham is going after the sick bastards who did that to the poor dog. I have some hopes now that if a celebrity puts his effort perhaps some tangible result will come .


Champion, a cruelty case from Bhayander was rejected by an existing NGO was brought to Amtm with two front paws chopped, testicles & penis cut with a sharp weapon.

In a world where we are known as humans, this is where we are redefining ourselves. We will do our best to save this chap & will leave no stone unturned.

While being treated on our table the least we expected from champion was to wag his tail & lick the hands of the person treating him.

Amtm has saved worst cases but how can Amtm stop cruelties like these which is a big taboo on humankind.

To support & donate champions surgery & treatment you can donate via

www.amtmindia.org/donate-now/ or Paytm on 7045627850 / 9920737737

You can meet champion at Amtm Rehab from Friday to Sunday between 12 noon to 4 pm.

Kindly share, circulate on social media & WhatsApp to nab offenders. Prize money of 25000/- will be offered.