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A group of students had been given the shelter to the puppy. They found it on the roadside and fell in love with the animal. But one day, the pup wandered off and entered Vishesh Igneyar’s house. After the pup didn’t return for a long time, the students went to search for it and were informed by Vishesh’s neighbors about the horrific incident.

They also said that Vishesh had a horrible habit of torturing and hurting animals. Scared for the worst, the students confronted Vishesh and after a huge argument, he admitted to have killed the puppy by throwing it from the terrace. The puppy died on impact! The students then contacted animal enthusiasts, Shravan Krishnan and Nishanth Nichu, who found out more about Vishesh’s cruel behaviour.

Later, the dead puppy was recovered and buried properly.


FIR Lodged

Vishesh was booked under IPC Section 429 and Section 11(1) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act after Shravan and Nishanth has filed a complaint. Vishesh said he killed the puppy because it urinated on his clothes.

Reference: India Today