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These are pictures of Kutton Wali Amma's dog shelter in Saket, New Delhi, taken after it was bulldozed to the ground yesterday (30 Oct) by SDMC under pressure from Kishanwati, AAP Councillor for Lado Sarai, New Delhi (TOI, p.3, col. 2, 31 Oct), allegedly at the behest of some businessmen who want the space for their shops.

Whatever be the reasons for this cruel and heartless act (at least one kitten who couldn't get out fast enough was killed by the rubble), right now the need of the hour is for tarpaulins/plastic sheets for cover against the elements and food for the dogs and pups who are now homeless (many are missing), very frightened and confused.


# As I said before about humansAnando Das Gupta 2017-11-02 16:08
property and money are way more important than lives of some silly animals.