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Nicole and Nicholas are indian shepherds that caught the deadly distemper virus as kids and were waiting patiently in a communal toilet for their life to end.

We rescued them and nurtured them back to health and have placed them in a boarding till their adoption is soughted.

They are three months old Indian pariah dogs. Id like to give a little insight about Indian dogs here who have been largely misconstrued to be vicious and biter dogs and not fancy enough to be kept as pets. Inspite of being born in our very own soil, Indian dogs are one of the most neglected breeds in India. Its sad that they present the same qualities as their pedigree counterparts yet their existence isn't celebrated and revered.

They are sturdy dogs, suitable for the climate, adaptable, excellent guards and have outstanding abilities. Oh and I haven't mentioned how beautiful they truly are! The large diversity that lies within them makes my heart swoon. Luckily, they haven't been of much interest to breeders so their genetic pool remains unaltered.

Its absolute misfortune that rescuers like me find it so hard to find homes for Indian dogs and ultimately have to resign to fate and have to place them back on the streets where there is a major risk of them being run over again.

Their deworming and vaccinations will happen by next weekend. Please save Nicole and Nicholas from the streets and take home an indie!

If interested, mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you cant take them in, share the post atleast.

Thank you for your time.