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Myra is a beautiful 7-8 months old Labrador mix girl. Bought when she was a baby by an “enthusiastic” family, their interest in keeping her disappeared within months. They kicked her out of their home and started raising her on the streets. Myra was meek and weak. She decided to rest in front of a shop but got hit in the chest and legs by bricks.
Myra’s cruel “family” did not help her receive proper treatment for the same. They got her leg bandaged and ignored the rest of her injuries. They pushed her down the stairs because she was too slow for their liking. With a broken limb and a rib, this girl would drag her body through the day to find some food.

When she was out hunting for food, a car hit her from behind. Myra lay motionless on the side of the road for five whole days. To fill her starving tummy, she ate mud.

At the time of her rescue, she was suffering from a terrible mouth infection, deep cuts on her tongue, and a fractured limb and rib. At that point Myra had lost her vision and sense of hearing. She was diagnosed with tick fever and is severely anaemic.

But despite all this, MYRA IS STRONG! Myra has not lost her will to live. And it is up to you and us to find her a new home.

Myra was been rescued by a young girl who has been taking her to Dr Rana every day for the past two months. She has started trusting humans again. Her caretakers are teaching her how to walk little by little and she has slowly regained her appetite. She has gained full vision in both eyes. Her leg was not tended to by the monsters who abused her, so it healed slightly improperly. Her vaccinations have started, and with your love she will be healthy and happy in no time.

Myra needs a home that is kind, sensitive, and will go all out to make up for the terrible times she has been through. A home that thanks their stars everyday for a girl like Myra.

To adopt Myra, please send an email to:
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While we appreciate your good wishes, the most important thing right now is finding Myra a family. Tag your friends, share the post. Anger and sympathy will achieve nothing unless you translate it into action. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP MYRA!