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Every single time I feel Kerala cant get anymore inhumane or worse , I am proved wrong. Every time I meet people from Kerala , I am proved wrong . Every time I hear their illogical statements, I am proved wrong and let me clarify. Now Kerala thinks its best to make dog zoos (more like dog concentration camps) than actually spend time and effort to sterilise them as all other states are doing.

If you check this link , you will read a conversation between an honourble chief justice and a lawyer which sums up why Kerala is facing the problem that it is facing .

“Why is this menace in Kerala only,” Justice Misra asked.

“Simple, because Kerala has not adopted the Birth Control Rules,” advocate Siddhartha K. Garg responded.

Now if you corrupt people had actually done what was required and sterilised, vaccinated and fed dogs in the last decade or so as you should have no such thing would have happened.

The graphic also shows that they are not the state with the highest stray dog density YET have the most problem. Why do you ask? 

Because they are hostile towards the animals and in reciprocity the animals become hostile towards them. I sincerely hope that the learned judges take a harsh stand against such a dumb move and order them to start sterilisation as soon as possible than wasting time on such half wit measures.