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mehrauli dog killing complaint

on 31st May 2017 , some residents and goons together in Mehrauli tried to kill the strays in their locality. One local resident who looks after the strays when tried to intervene got abused , hit and threatened. He got the dogs in his home to save them from the goons and called the police but NO POLICE SHOWED UP TO HELP. No matter how strong you make the laws of this country, when the law keepers don't care to ensure its application , nothing will ever change. Next day Mr Pravesh Kumar , the resident along with another local animal lover Mr. Sanjay Mehlawat went to the police station to file a complaint however they did not file an FIR or even take any action. They only filed a daily diary entry. We sincerely hope they will take stringent action eventually.

Here is the copy of the DD entry.