Whats even worse is that I come from that school.

I received this message and pictures from a very distressed animal lover who himself had been informed of the event by a schoolchild shocked to see breeders thronging the streets openly selling their 'wares'. I don't know if anyone can or will even have the inlcination to do something about these disgusting and cruel practices, but I'm circulating this mail anyway:

"Dog show is on at Don Bosco School Alaknanda [New Delhi] and Breeders are having a super time out here. They are selling dogs in cars on roads and have got pups in Haryana/Punjab. Selling dogs insde boots of cars. No checks nothing."

My informant also had a valid question regarding the sale of pups/dogs by the breeders (see pictures): had he tried to and suceeded in confiscating the pups on sale, where could he have possibly taken them? Not to a shelter certainly. Then where? He has a houseful of rescued dogs already. Most animal lovers do.

Madhu Goyal