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Update: AWBI is forcing them to mend their ways. Seems it better now


Crystal Rogers was a foreigner who started this NGO and also CUPA in Bangalore. However as per Mrs. S. Ganguly's mail since 1976, this NGO by the name of Animal's Friend Hospital in no longer under the reins of Cupa. Ms. Rogers has passed away. The following information is available:

1) This NGO is in Delhi.

2) General Kharb of AWBI has already sent a letter to this NGO wrt the cruel manner in which the dogs have been kept. There has been no response to his letter.

3) A lady called ***** has got in touch with Amit  through mail and has informed him that there are approximately 35 to 40 dogs which are kept chained through out the day and are being treated in an extremely cruel manner.