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A letter dated 3 rd March 2021  has been sent by the Secretary AWBI OP Choudhary to the Chief Secretary and the Police Commissioner of Delhi. The letter clearly mentions the growing intolerance of people towards dogs and dog feeders. Hence, the Board has asked the enforcement agencies to give protection to both the dogs and their feeders. The letter has also mentioned the recent High Court judgement which talks about assigning feeding spots for dogs. To read the full letter kindly go on the link below:

This is indeed a good step taken by the AWBI. Let's hope the law enforcement bodies follow the instructions given by the board with full honesty and ensure that there is zero tolerance to dog cruelty and feeder harassment in the national capital.

While the dog rules 2001 clearly says that stray dogs cannot be relocated but just who cares about this rule in India. The problem is that the majority of the Indians do not even know about this most important rule. Thanks to the poor governance and apathy of the municipal corporations.

Three small pups were relocated by two people who came on a scooter in Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and dumped them at an isolated area to die. These humans just wanted to get rid of the pups so this is how they got rid of them. This is how ABC program is being run in Vishakhapatnam. Wonder what are the municipal corporations doing????

As a matter of fact, this is how people are getting rid of the dog population in India. Neither they have compassion for dogs nor they have any knowledge about the ABC program.

The following case is not related to dogs but I thought of sharing this.

In Rajasthan, a coach driver was found beating his horse black and blue. Just watch the video to see how wicked a man can become. The horse gives this man his daily bread. He is the source of his livelihood but just see how this man is treating him.

India definitely needs stricter laws and more than that it needs to make the common man aware of these laws. There is no point in having laws confined to books. The laws should reach every home of India only then the animals can benefit otherwise we are seeing how dog rules are being implemented since 2001........and how dogs and caregivers have benefited by them.........unfortunately all these years the rules only stayed in books............