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Two people in a bike in Surat, Gujarat were seen dragging a dog tied to their bike. Just watch the video to see how cruel man has become:

A video has gone viral where a woman of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh kicks small puppies as if she was kicking a football. She is quite known in her area for beating the dogs and torturing them. To watch the videos kindly go on the links below:

FIRs have been registered against culprits in both cases but the bigger question is how on earth dogs are a threat to we humans? Isn't it the other way round? They can only bite us that too in self-defence but just see what we are doing to them........

We torture them and harass them either out of hatred or just for fun......and then we say that they are a threat to us and our children. 

This Diwali many dogs lost their homes and very few of them were lucky enough to get reunited with their caregivers. There is nothing wrong with the festival but what is wrong is the way we humans burn firecrackers on this day.

Many do it deliberately to scare the dogs and they don't mind even burning them or injuring them. A shameless boy around 21-year-old and a resident of East Delhi has very proudly posted a video of his where he is burning firecrackers pre Diwali just to scare a dog. He is just enjoying this cruel act. And he says that he will do it again and again.....he is not scared of anybody.

Let's hope the amended animal laws take into consideration the cruelty which happens every year to these animals in the name of Diwali. Firecrackers not only create air and noise pollution but are also harmful to these innocent animals who go through hell the Diwali night.