We have witnessed dogs being murdered by being poisoned, burnt alive, beaten up with sticks and even attacked by knives. But in Karnal, Haryana dogs are being murdered in the name of sterilisation. Now, how preposterous and inhuman is that. They are being legally killed. 

A brave caregiver has exposed the ruthlessness and grave negligence of  Daksha Foundation who is running a sterilisation drive for the stray dogs in Karnal. They are running the ABC programme just for the namesake because the dogs are operated in the most negligent and shabby manner. Many of the dogs known to the caregiver have died due to infection post sterilisation. In the video made by the caregiver, the operated area of the dog can be seen open and infected. Many dogs which were picked up by the centre have never been released back. Hence, the centre very conveniently has been indulging in the relocation of dogs which is an offence. Some have died due to poor hygiene in the centre. In this cold weather where we humans are wearing at least two sweaters, the dogs picked up for sterilisation are made to sit on cold cemented floors. How disgusting and inhuman is that. The dogs can be seen flocked together in one room. According to the caregiver, there is a very poor arrangement of food too. The dogs are kept hungry for days together. To watch the brave caregiver expose the killing of dogs in the name of sterilisation kindly go on the link below:


For such killer centres, all that matters is money. The municipal corporation gives them a contract to carry out sterilisation and vaccination and then this is what they do. They operate the poor dog. Take out their ovaries, testicles and small corner piece of their right ear (notched ear) and then they show it as proof of sterilisation to the corporation. The corporation then reimburses them. 

So it's all about money and numbers. Both the municipal corporation and the ABC centre damn care about the dog who has been sterilised. They just are interested in how many dogs got sterilised but how many died and how many survived post sterilisation is not recorded. This is a big loophole in the system which needs to be corrected. 

Wonder why the corporations have not roped in the caregivers in the process of sterilisation? Are the people sitting in the corporation lack basic common sense or they are deliberately not involving the caregivers in the process. 

 Without people's participation, the ABC programme can never become successful. The Delhi Municipal Corporation has been running this program for the last two decades now but just see it's impact........neither the dog population seems to have controlled nor the man-dog conflict. Rather both seem to be on a rise and the corporation is doing nothing about it. Just by opening ABC centres, the two problems cannot be solved. They have to rope in the caregivers and for that they have to create awareness. And also they have to create awareness about the program. 

Unfortunately the same unsystematic and random pick and drop approach is being followed by all the municipal corporations of India. This needs to change.

Karnal Municipal Corporation