Nothing can be more shameful than what is seen in the two videos which I will be sharing in this post. 

A case has been reported from Tahirpur in East Delhi where a man just for sadistic pleasure first ties the leg of a harmless dog who was sleeping on the street and after tying him he brutally beat the dog up and then threw him in an empty plot. The dog is serious and is currently undergoing treatment in an animal shelter. To read about the entire incident and to watch the video of the insane man kindly go on the link below:

In another incident that took place in Bangalore, a driver deliberately ran his car over a dog. He crushed the dog under the wheels as if it was a speed breaker. The driver seems to have enjoyed the entire act. Just watch the video to see human cruelty.

Another case of RWA harassment in Delhi has been reported from a posh locality of South Delhi. The RWA members of the colony harassed the dog feeders for feeding the dogs and removed their sacks, blankets and warm beddings thrice which they had put for the dogs in the colony. How can warm bedding be harmful to a colony?  Do these RWA members know that the food and the bedding require money that the feeder spends from their own pocket to keep their furry friends alive and safe? It's disgusting to see these RWA goons breaking law and torturing the caregivers and the dogs of the colony. They mobilize the other residents and then collectively in a mob mentally torture and sometimes physically abuse the caregiver. To read about this disgusting RWA of Delhi kindly go on the link below:

A dog will neither bark without a reason nor bite without a reason. But just look what are we humans doing to these defenceless and harmless beings. Killing them and physically torturing and abusing them just for pleasure.

India needs stronger animal laws and a special law for RWAs. They are the biggest nuisance in our peaceful Indian society. Such  RWAs and insane humans who love to torture voiceless souls are a danger to society.. With such sick mindset, they are capable of doing anything. Such people deserve to be either in prison or in a mental asylum.