A Secretary of a housing society in Mumbai has called for a meeting of its residents to decide what punishment to be given to animal feeders of their colony so that they do not feed the cats, dogs and birds in their society. Imagine these people have the audacity to break laws and to make their own laws and implement them in their society. This is not only animal cruelty but also harassment and mental torture to human caregivers. Who are they to make laws against their own residents who feed the animals? To read their illegal notice kindly go on the link below:


In another incident in Nalasopara West, Mumbai a dog has sustained burn injuries either due to attack by acid or hot oil (pic in the post). The dog has been rescued and is undergoing treatment. Kindly go on the link below to read about the unfortunate incident:


Is urbanization making we Indians cruel and insensitive towards animals? Is science and development becoming a curse for animals? People just don't want to see animals around them especially in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. They have become so intolerant towards them that they are ready to kill them, poison them and throw them from their colony. Many of these people have visited foreign land and now want to convert their cities into New York and London. Cities which do not have animals walking on their streets. Probably these people are ashamed of the cats, dogs and cattle walking on the streets of India.

Well what these foolish people do not understand is that India cannot ever become America or England. India has always had a large number and a large variety of flora and fauna. Our ancestors coexisted peacefully with animals. There was community ownership of animals. Dogs and cattle were well fed in ancient India. In every household the first chappati was offered to the cow and the last one to a dog. 

But today the same human race neither cares for the cow nor for the dog. They often blame the govt for not driving them off the streets.  Just how many dogs and cattles can be driven away??????? There are thousands of dogs and cattle in every town and city of India and they just cannot be flocked together in shelters.  

This is neither financially feasible nor physically feasible. 

Pet ownership of dogs and cats is a western concept and unfortunately this is what India too is busy doing. The concept of community ownership has almost disappeared and the result is right in front of us. Dogs and cattle are roaming around hungry and thirsty.  And the ones who are trying to feed them face the ire of the majority. 

Unless the community as a whole takes the ownership of these street animals, their life and the life of their caregivers will remain miserable. 

We Indians have to learn from our western counterparts the art of being original and to some extent patriotism. America and England and their citizens have not aped anybody. They made policies and built their modern cities as per their economic, geographic, cultural and demographic suitability and feasibility.  For instance, they never shoo-ed their own country dogs and imported dogs from outside to keep them as pets. 

But just look what we Indians are doing? Most of the film stars, politicians, businessmen and the rich and the famous of India have foreign breed dogs as pets. These are the people who are the role model of the masses......

Shameful isn't it?????