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Update of Bangalore case Dear friends hope everyone are doing good... There is a thought which says “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Here there is unbelievable incident taken place in the Nadhi Hill's , Chikkaballapur district. The public have brought to the notice the gruesome cruelty on a stray doggy by throwing it down in the Nandhi Hills by the tourist on 27/09/2020. Mr. Arun Prasad (Bangalore Central MP Candidate & Bangalore South District BSP Vice President) who got to know about the incident and spoken to the Chikkaballapur District Superintendent of Police, AHVS Deputy Director and the Nandhi Hills Police Sub Inspector for assistance in tracing the culprit and give justice to the poor doggy. The information passed to the Rock Climbers of Bangalore Adventure School(BAS) Team and to the founder Mr Gokul and Animal Rescuer A K Usmani for the search rescue operation. The Bangalore Adventure school and A.K Usmani reached the location today ( 29/09/2020) at early morning 7:00AM for the rescue and searching for the dog. They are assisted at the location by Nandhi Hills AHVS Veterinary Doctor in the rescue operation. The location of the picture where the doggy was dropped down the cliff is traced through google map and the rescue team will zero the place and started the search operation today early morning. The Rescue operation taken place from 7:00AM to 11:00AM in the Nadhi Hill's... The place where the doggy is thrown was full of grown grasses , bushes and the trees... Any animal or the humans fell there would not make more impact and does not get more injured... Later after the search operation we got to know from the local people that , the doggy was not more injured because of the grasses and bushes, it ran away from the place... The Chikkaballapur AHVS DD has informed the Nandhi Hills Veterinary Doctor to coordinate with the police and the case will be filed by the Animal Husbandry Department once the police trace the culprit... Finally after the Rescue operation is done, according the the Rescue team held by Bangalore Adventures school .... cont last pic Credit: @petadoptionbangalore

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