31 JUL 2020 — 

A video has gone viral where a young teenage boy is seen forcefully holding a dog by its limb and swinging it mercilessly in the air and then throwing it on the ground. 

One can see that dog was swung in the air just for fun. The boy seems to have been enjoying the pain of the helpless dog. 

How wicked have the Indian Children become. It's all the result of wrong parenting and bad teaching. The boy in the video has neither been taught by his parents nor his teachers in school as to how to behave with animals. Nor the environment he lives in teaches him.compassion towards the animals. 

Kindly go on the following link to watch the video:


Varanasi is the land of Lord Bhairav whose companion is a dog. He along with his companion is worshipped in this most historic and one of the oldest cities of the world. 

This city also happens to be the constituency of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

Is it not a shame that in spite of the city being the abode of Lord Bhairav and also being the constituency of the Indian Prime Minister its govt employees are flouting animal laws. The law clearly says that the dogs cannot be removed from their place yet the corporation workers are relocating the dogs. According to Shikha an animal rights activist the dogs of Varanasi are not only being relocated but are also being beaten up which is a punishable offence but the municipal corporation officers of Varanasi do not find beating and relocating of dogs cruel.

Kindly watch the video and decide for yourself; 


Just last month in June Shikha had reported a similar case where a pregnant dog was beaten to death by the corporation workers and in spite of her best efforts, the police didn't lodge an FIR.


These are those few cases which Shikha has reported but there may be hundreds of cases of relocation and dog killing which must be going unreported in this holy city. 

There is an old Bhairav temple in Varanasi which is a place of pilgrimage for many Hindus. If one goes to Varanasi one definitely goes to visit this holy place. I am quite sure that our Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh must have visited this place and paid their respects to the Lord and his companion which is the man's best friend. 

But just see the plight of Lord Bhairav's companion in the city. I hope the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister also watch this horrible video. And without any further delay take action against such corrupt and disgusting officers. Also, they should ensure that the corporation should follow the ABC rules which is the only legal and ethical way to control stray dog population in this holy city.