Devil's own country at it again.


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Elephants 🐘 are peaceful animals and yet they are blamed for being aggressive and unpredictable. "Saumya" was ignored, offered a pineapple laden with firecrackers, and not provided with first aid and the medical help she (visibly) needed in time. She continued to walk amongst humans in Kerala, hoping perhaps that someone would help her. She remained gentle even in the wake of provocation and pain. It was not her that attacked us; it was us who let her down, it was us that killed her and her calf who breathed its last in its mother's womb! *Rest in peace "Saumya- the gentle one". * FIAPO condemns the violence and cruelty the elephant was subjected to and calls the Forest Department and the government of Kerala for an immediate investigation and arrest for those responsible for this heinous act. Elephants are sentient beings, with deeply complex emotions and an inherent desire to live free lives in wild among their herd. Saumya was one such free elephant of the wild. The act of luring her with food laden with ammunition is not mere cruelty, it’s violence. Saumya experienced a deliberate violent crime. Let’s punish what happened to her as a crime.’ Spread this message far and wide!!! Use the hashtag, tweet, post on Instagram, share with your circle. Plese sign the petition in link in our bio. Demand justice for Saumya! *#JusticeforSAUMYA * 😢 #RestinPeaceSAUMYA

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Here is a senior constable agreeing on video that he "deposited" buffaloes to an illegal butcher shop but not for money...out of his goodwill for the buffaloes I guess. 

Don't be surprised, we are always forced to speak good about the police, good about the army , good about politicians, good about doctors anything else we are marked, traitors.

Being in animal activism for the last 20 years I have personally seen so many terrible cases done by policemen including investigation officers threatening witnesses to take their cases back that nothing surprises me anymore.

Reminds me of the lyrics of a beautiful old Hindi song. 


"Chingari koi bhadke
To sawan use bujhaaye
Sawan jo agan lagaaye
Use kaun bujhaaye
Ho use kaun bujhaaye?" 


Our country is corrupt to its core.