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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 19:28
Maneka Gandhi has spoken the inconvenient truth about FIAPO : It is a charade of self congratulatory  and utterly useless people who profiteeer at the expense of animals. Dogs are being killed in a state sponsored illegal pogrom in Kerala today. Dogs and every known species of animals are killed in that wretched state which calls itself "God's Own Country" ; every day, all across, in open contempt for not just the law, but every tenet of humanity and the covenant of life. Also in Ahmedabad in Modi's killer Gujarat and countless other pathetic little towns of "emerging India". Leopards and deer are routinely reported lynched by mainstream media (the unreported killings are innumerable). Upstart new middle class India in cloned townships of dubious DNA and all the arrogance of new money demonstrates cruelty towards community animals........The litany of sins is too long to recount. Where is FIAPO ? This grand "Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations" ? What has it done/do/isdoing/will do except slapping its own back in wasteful mental masturbation debates and arse kissing felicitation programmes ?  The agenda is nothing else except to posture as the grand defender of animals when in reality it is guiltier than the persecutors, because unlike FIAPO, they do not masquerade.  
Let's square up to the truth : lobbying for positions of deflected influence, public office, networking, seeking funds from the ignorant West, and flourishing as an incestous group is what FIAPO and its ilk is all about. Chinny's "tough 30 years with Maneka..." are what I can empathize with ; she is a tough taskmaster but that's the point. She does it for the animals. As for "volunteers" tut tutting her for "not doing much.." it is a reflection of fool's judgement. A single woman has done far more than any of us. Take her out of the equation and what do you have. And what prevented those present to tell Maneka to her face what they thought of her ? Were they overawed (in typical servile Indian mentality) or simply too lazy or in signature FIAPO style, unwilling to walk the talk ?
I hold no brief for Maneka, nor one against FIAPO, but truth must be told. And I must submit that individuals like Avis Lyons and countless other faceless people are worth more than a dozen FIAPOs.

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 11:01 AM, Shubhobroto Ghosh < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > wrote:

Maneka’s snub after taking lifetime achievement

First Published : 01 Feb 2011 04:18:29 AM IST
Last Updated : 01 Feb 2011 08:36:27 AM IST

CHENNAI: Well known animal rights activist and MP, Maneka Gandhi, after receiving the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation’s (FIAPO) Lifetime achievement award on Sunday evening, questioned the organisation’s work and more specifically its work ethic. “What on earth does FIAPO do?” Mrs. Gandhi asked. “None of your FIAPO members know the members of Parliament, so how can you lobby on your own?” This was proceeded by references to incidents in which the organisation was lacking, ranging from a lack of awareness to the cruelty in slaughter houses. Also mentioned was a visit to an animal experimentation site that was never made, although claimed so.  In addition to this, she also criticised importance overly given to a debate as to whether to use ‘and’ or ‘of’ in a certain piece of official paper work.The gathering addressed included animal activists, well wishers and members of FIAPO attending the award ceremony, which was a part of a three-day ‘India for Animals Conference’ conducted in the city from January 29 to 31.Earlier, noted agricultural scientists Dr M S Swaminathan handed over the first Rukmini Devi Arundale award to Maneka Gandhi and the Lifetime Achievement award was presented by R M Kharb, Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India on behalf of FIAPO. After a pleasant award ceremony, Maneka Gandhi returned to the stage post her acceptance speech to impart a message that came as a rude shock to FIAPO members and volunteers.Another topic highlighted was the large number of chickens tortured during the Chikungunya epidemic and the ignorance on FIAPO’s part for not knowing that poultry in fact, was not the cause.

Irate Maneka lashes out

Irate Maneka lashes out

Her stance of a no-nonsense animal enthusiast might have catapulted Maneka Gandhi into the limelight at a time when there were no vociferous campaigns, but over the years animal activism in India hasn’t really clocked up any eco-miles. With our national animal still on the brink of extinction and daily sights of bullock carts mercilessly over burdened, the angst-ridden activism hasn’t changed our habitat or nudged our eco-system in the positive direction. A.V.K. Moosad, National Council Member, Indian Vegetarian Congress, says, “The conditions of animals in the country has consistently worsened over the years. Cruelty towards animals is on the rise by the hour. The number of non-vegetarians in the country has shot up.”

Maneka, who was in Chennai to receive the first Rukmani Devi Arundale Animal Welfare award, accepted the award with innate aplomb but refused to extend her warmth to the gathered audience that was eager to interact with her and learn about issues that impacts our larger eco-system.

The gathering of scientists including M.S. Swaminathan, environmentalists Dr Nandita Krishna and animal behavioural experts instead had to endure an hour-long verbal lashing. Maneka, who was suitably happy till she received the award, later apparently gave the organisers, Federation of Indian Animal Protection (FIAPO) a mouthful as baffled onlookers watched.

The MP who has roped in her son Varun Gandhi into saffron politics even refused to speak to the media on animal issues. Whilst issues like cruelty towards animals, abusive pet owners and an alarming increase in practices like Jallikattu (a traditional sport that involves taming of the bull) ritual, she found it more appropriate to vent her angst about the organisers, ‘not knowing the local sub-inspector’! She then admonished them for not having the ‘right contacts’ that are needed to further the organisation’s goals.

What started off as a pleasant evening turned into an ugly spat between organisers and Maneka who also refused to acknowledge any of the immense good work FIAPO had done. When members from the organisation requested her to say a few words to the press, she began her tirade and roped Amala into it. “You all expect people like Amala and me to raise awareness when you do nothing,” she fumed. One of the organisers, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Obviously we need well-known people’s patronage, as animal cruelty is not a eyeball grabbing cause.” Many gossiped about the angst and said it was due to limited fund-raising capabilities of the organisers.

One disgruntled volunteer, even commented, “She didn’t really do much when she was a minister and held multiple portfolios.” But Chinni Krishna, the Vice Chairman of FIAPO and a member of the Blue Cross, tried pacifying the irate Maneka, by intervening, “You make a valid point but this angst in public is unnecessary.” He later told the gathering, “I have had a very tough 30 years of working with Maneka.”


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